Midwife services

Before Childbirth

  • How do I find a midwife? »

    In Hamburg you can look for a midwife nearby through the Hamburg’s midwives association (Hebammenverband Hamburg). At the family planning centre, midwife Regina Müdsam offers a variety of classes before and after childbirth.

    She gives advice on all questions – on the phone or in a personal meeting.
    Regina Müdsam, phone 04131/5809743, e-mail regina.muedsam@web.de

  • Which care is offered by midwives? »

    - Antenatal classes, exercise before and after birth, classes during 2nd and 3rd pregnancies
    - baby massage
    - antenatal health care (e.g. alternating with your gynaecologist)
    - assistance with a home birth
    - home visits for postnatal care
    - counselling on: diet, exercise, body changes during pregnancy, choosing a hospital, help and advice on pregnancy-related discomfort

  • Which topics are covered during prenatal classes? »

    - how do I notice the beginning of labor and when do I have to go to the hospital?
    - help and useful exercises for pregnancy-related discomfort
    - exercises easing pregnancy and preparing for giving birth
    - information on different positions during delivery and their respective advantages
    - information on the health and care of your child
    - share your experience with other pregnant women or couples (not available with all classes)
    - breathing and relaxation techniques for the delivery
    - how to deal with pain during delivery
    - which hospital to choose

  • Where can I find antenatal classes? »

    - The family planning centre offers a variety of classes
    - Through the register of midwives of Hamburg
    - on the internet at midwife association

  • How do I find the hospital or place for childbirth that is suitable for me? »

    All maternity hospitals offer information meetings during which you can get a personal impression and ask questions. Should you decide to give birth at home, you can find a midwife on the list of the midwives of Hamburg or on the internet at midwife association . Usually one to three midwives will work as a team to support you during delivery. The Geburtshaus in Hamburg offers regular information meetings for women and couples who don’t wish to deliver at a hospital. Your midwife also offers individual counselling.

After childbirth

  • What does postnatal care mean? »

    Provided you arranged it in time, a midwife will visit you at home after childbirth and will care for you and your child. She will monitor wound healing, health and weight gain of your child, umbilical healing, and advises you on topics such as breast feeding, caring for your child, your diet while breast feeding etc.

  • Will I be able to breastfeed my child? »

    Apart from a few exeptions, every mother is able to nurse her child if she wishes to do so. Should you be uncertain whether with nursingo everything goes well for you and your child you can consult your midwife.

  • How long before and after childbirth do I have to/ may I work? »

    The maternity leave is regulated by law, and every employer must adhere to it. You can get these maternity regulations at the family planning centre, from your employer, or the federal labour court. Basically, employed work is not allowed from 6 weeks before to 8 weeks after childbirth. The law contains many more regulations for your protection.

  • Contraception during and after nursing? »

    While you are nursing

    Provided you follow certain rules, nursing offers a good protection against getting pregnant during the first six month. This is called lactation amenorrhea method.

    The rules are:

    - The child is exclusively or almost exclusively nursed.
    (The time between nursing your child is no more than 4 hours during the day and 6 hours at nighttime. Only small amounts of tea or water are given in addition. Using a breast pump and bottle-feed the child is not considered as nursing.)

    - You have not had your menstruation.
    (Bleeding is considered to be menstruation if it lasts at least 2 days and is as strong as a regular menstruation, or it comes one day as strong as a regular menstruation and at least two further days with light bleeding, or it lasts at least 3 days and is less than a regular menstruation.)

    - The child is less than 6 months old

    If you meet all of the above mentioned criteria, you will be protected from pregnancy with 98% efficiency. Whenever one of the criteria is no longer fulfilled, the chances for conceiving are significantly higher and you should start using other methods of contraception. (Contraception, Contraception while nursing)

    If you are not nursing
    Women who are not nursing should start using contraceptives 4 weeks after giving birth. You may start using hormonal methods at that time. An IUD should only be inserted 6 weeks after childbirth. A diaphragm needs to be re-fitted after giving birth. This is possible at the earliest 2 to 3 months after childbirth.

  • If pregnancy comes to a poor end »

    If a baby is born premature and too small to survive, if it is stillborn or dies soon after the delivery, grief and shock may be overwhelming. In this case it can be difficult to talk to someone and get comfort, because close people and even one’s own partner may feel helpless. If during this hard time you need support for yourself or a close person you can turn to our counseling center.


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