Crisis during pregnancy and after childbirth

    • If you feel not only joy »

      Maybe you did not plan to get pregnant and have difficulties to get used to the thought of being pregnant. Maybe you are on your own or your partner does not wish the pregnancy. Maybe you have conflicting feelings regarding pregnancy, delivery and being a mother or you are worried about the changes of your body.

      As so much is changing during this time many pregnant women and their partners experience not only joy but also anxiety and uncertainty. If this makes you feel uncomfortable or affects your relationship, counselling could help you to regain your balance.

      In some cases a depression, that should be treated, may develop during pregnancy and last even after childbirth. We will gladly help you to find help.

    • Help with acute crises »

      Directly after childbirth your body goes through great hormonal changes which may lead to the so-called Baby-Blues for a couple of days. All the sudden your whole life seems to change: everyday life, relationship and sexuality, even your own personality. Furthermore there are often feelings of exhaustion and excessive demands. The new experience needs to be incorporated in your life and living with a new person takes some adjusting, too. That is why many young parents experience the initial time with their child as strenuous and conflict-laden – concerning themselves and their relationship. Given a little patience many of these problems solve themselves, sometimes it may be helpful to get counselling though.
      Only on rare occasions a “real” postpartum depression occurs, and treatment is imperative in these particular cases. We are happy to assist you with finding the suitable psychological and medical consultation.

      Should you have questions concerning your relationship there are several institutions, beside the family planning centre, where you can get information: profamilia and the AWO

      We offer initial counselling for pregnant couples and parents in crisis,
      in case of e.g.

      - depressive disorders
      - alcohol or drug problems
      - Should your baby not stop crying you may turn to the Schreiambulanz, telephone:(040) 74570209 or to your midwife

      Help and advice with postpartum depression are offered by Schatten und Licht, phone (040) 42803-2715; Eltern-Kind-Ambulanz, phone (040) 42803-2230, both located in the UKE.

      You can also turn to the Kinderkrankenhaus Altona, phone (040) 88908270

      - Should you be in a difficult situation while giving birth and need additional help you can turn to a family-midwife. You can find one on the internet at


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