Sexual education – our offers

Children and young people are faced with sexuality almost wherever they go. However, their knowledge is often vague. They need answers to their questions regarding love and lust.

With our offers on sexual education we support them on their way to an authentic and responsible sexuality.

We work

- With cross-cultural competence and gender sensitivity
- With illustrative media and methods
- Focused on the children’s and teenagers’ questions and interests

  • Professional advice and training »

    You can book training courses on the following subjects:
    - teenager sexuality
    - Child sexuality
    - Cross-cultural sexual education
    - Sexuality and disability

    Egal ob Sie eine Unterrichtseinheit in der Schule, ein Projekt im Jugendtreff oder in der Kita planen: In unserer Fachberatung geben wir Ihnen Tipps und entwickeln mit Ihnen zusammen ein Programm speziell für Ihre Zielgruppe. Auch wenn Sie Anregungen, aktuelle Arbeitshilfen oder Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung eines sexualpädagogischen Konzepts suchen, können Sie sich an uns wenden.

  • Youth groups and school classes »

    Sexual education presentations

    Visit us in our family planning centre with your school classes/youth groups

    The teenagers can get to know the family planning centre and work on a favoured subject with a variety of animated methods. We adjust the content of the session to the participants’ needs and interests.

    Favoured subjects are:

    - A mixture of subjects around love, sex and more
    - A (first) visit at a gynaecologists office, incl. opportunity to see the gynaecologic office of the family planning centre
    - Menstruation and monthly cycles
    - Puberty and body changes
    - The first time - Sex – what does it mean and how does it work?
    - Pills, condoms and more – contraception to touch and feel
    - I am pregnant, what now? Pregnancy and abortion
    - Sexual orientation – gay, straight, bi – what is normal anyway?
    - Love and friendship
    - Family and life planning
    - Protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

    On request we offer a whole day or multiple sessions on sexual education

  • Consulting for adolescents »

    Many young people have questions regarding partnership, sexuality and contraception. Addressing these intimate subjects in group sessions may be difficult. Therefore we offer adolescents the opportunity to meet our sexual educators for counselling on their own or with friends.

    These counselling sessions are free of charge and confidential.

    By the way: adolescents often have problems seeking counselling on their own. You are welcome to arrange their contact with us.

  • Advice for parents »

    In everyday life parents see expressions of their children’s sexuality which appear in different ways depending on the child’s age, state of development and personality.

    Mothers and fathers are challenged to deal with different sexual behaviours or respond directly to questions.

    Our counselling for parents will inform you about the psychosexual development of children and adolescents. We make suggestions on how you can discuss special issues with your child and show you booklets and books for children and teenagers which can support you.

  • Sexuality and disability »

    A focus of our service is professional counselling for people with learning difficulties as well as people with mental impairments and disabilities. We give advice in “easy read” (easy language). In addition, a broad range of illustrative and sensory methods and materials facilitates and animates the communication.

    Parents and professionals see different expressions of sexuality of disabled persons almost every day. Often they are confronted with their own bounderies or the disabled person’s boundaries of intimacy.

    Do you need information, advice or an exchange among professionals?

    We offer

    - Individual counselling for disabled persons in “easy read” language
    - Sexual education counselling for professionals taking care of disabled persons
    - Sexual education counselling for parents
    - Reflection on experiences in the professional practice
    - Training courses
    - Methods and tools for animated learning
    - Support for the preparation of concepts for sexual education

    Whether it is about issues regarding partnership, the wish for a child or sexual orientation: In all questions concerning sexuality, family planning or contraception disabled persons are particularly welcome at our place.

  • Love and lust (in cooperation with Hamburg AIDS Service Organization) »

    A workshop about love, sexuality and HIV/STI prevention for adolescents from the age of 14.

    We look at lust and love, sex and contraception, self-determination and responsibility.

    The teenagers get to know two counselling centres:

    At the family planning centre, we discuss all questions regarding love, partnership and sexuality. We also deal with issues of getting to know each other, the first time, contraception, sexual orientation and more.

    At the AIDS Service Organization, the teenagers look into HIV and sexually transmitted infections, routes of transmission and possible protection as well as what living with HIV may mean.

    The workshop takes four hours and can be offered in the morning or in the afternoon. It is also possible to divide the project between two days.


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By the way

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For teenagers everything is free!

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