The desire to have children

Our counselling service for unwanted childlessness can support you in clarifying your desire for a child and coping with your various emotions. We help you to find an individual way to use the opportunities of reproductive medicine. We offer continous support for your personal decision as to which treatment might be appropriate for you.

    • What should I consider if I want to get pregnant? »

      If couples consciously decide to become pregnant, this often requires some patience. It rarely happens during the first cycle without contraception, but usually takes several months to become pregnant. For about 15% of the couples it may take more than a year. It is therefore recommended to try dealing with the project as relaxed as possible.

      There are only few medical measures which are useful when planning a pregnancy. One of them is a blood test for rubella anti-bodies if you are not sure whether you have been vaccinated. If you have no antibodies you may catch up on the vaccination before getting pregnant. You can also check for varicella antibodies and be vaccinated, if you have no protection. However, it is important to use contraception for three months after these vaccinations.

      It is also useful to take folic acid before and during the first months of the pregnancy. Folic acid is an essential vitamin, which can reduce the risk of brain and spinal cord malformations of the baby.

    • Why don’t I get pregnant? »

      In case a woman has not become pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse, it is possible to look for reasons. There may be many different factors both physical and mental, interfering with getting pregnant, and therefore a range of sometimes repeated examinations may be necessary to find possible causes of the infertility. Since problems can be found both in men and women, both partners should be examined at the same time.

      Good to know: even after one year, there is still the chance to become pregnant without medical examinations or treatment. Particularly younger women (until their mid thirties) can take their time before starting medical examinations and treatments.

    • In case you need support »

      Which is the appropriate treatment for us?
      There is nothing in my mind but a child.
      We are full of anger because it doesn’t work.
      Each time I get my period and am not pregnant I get depressed.
      Do we make mistakes?
      Am I a real man/woman even if we don’t get pregnant?
      Do we have to let go of our desire for a child?

      For many people it is not easy to accept the fact that they don’t succeed with getting pregnant. This desire seems to dominate their whole life and partnership.

      We can support you during this difficult time with counselling:
      How can you find relief and what can you do?
      How can you deal with painful emotions?
      What can you do in order not to lose your vitality?

      We are offering support to help you decide which of the possible treatments could be the most appropriate. Here you will find information about possible reasons for unwanted childlessness, the methods of examination and treatment.


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