There are extremely good reasons to support the Family Planning Centre!

The Family Planning Centre (FPZ) was founded in May 1982 by pro familia and the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Organization of the workers' welfare) in Hamburg. It became well known far beyond Hamburg as a friendly and supportive place to go for women and men, who need advice and support in all issues concerning sex life, contraception, abortion and pregnancy.

The FPZ makes an important contribution to the sexual and reproductive health care of women, men and teenage boys and girls in Hamburg.

Through its low-threshold access, the FPZ is also the appropriate place to go for socially disadvantaged people. We do not only want to help solving individual problems and offer support in breakdown situations, but also wish to study the causes leading to hesitant family planning and unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, it is extremely important for us to explore the background of lasting discrimination of sexuality and abortion. There are several publications from the Family Planning Centre.

We want to continue to have our practical work accompanied by scientific research and to make public statements on these socially relevant topics. Yet, for the necessary research and our public work we need financial support.

Since there are no public funds to support this work, we are dependent on donations.

You could support us

1. You can donate once or regularly. We gladly issue you a tax reducing donation receipt.

2. You can become a fostering member.
The monthly minimum contribution amounts to 5,00 €.

3. You can become an active member and be able to participate in public meetings or other activities of the association.
The monthly minimum contribution amounts to 5,00 €.

4. You can consider sponsoring our Family Planning Centre Hamburg e.V. also in your last will.



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By the way

We have confidentiality, that is, we tell nothing!


For teenagers everything is free!

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