Psychological consequences

Mental distress during and after an abortion is mostly overestimated. Many studies show that ongoing negative consequences are rare. Most women experience high levels of distress before the abortion when they have to make the decision and feel anxious about the procedure. After the procedure most women feel relieved. Some women feel sad and depressed for several weeks.

Mental problems may be more common among women who had not been free to make the decision themselves because of pressure from relatives or a difficult life situation. Also moral objections of their community or insensitive treatment by health care providers can make coping more difficult, as well as the need to conceal the pregnancy and abortion or lack of support. The most important aspect is that you are free to take your own decision with as much time as possible. You can get professional support in a Family Planning Centre or in a counselling centre. Try to find people you can talk to and who will support you during the difficult time of the abortion. Above all, you should find a counselling centre and abortion clinic in which you are treated friendly and your decision is respected. The Family Planning Centre performed a study on this subject which was published in a book. You can download the book as PDF.


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