Sexually transmitted diseases

Did I get infected?

It is not unusual to have contracted a disease during sex. It may very well happen during most different kinds of sex such as petting, oral sex, sexual intercourse as well as anal sex. These sexually transmitted infections can be treated, most of them being completely curable.

Even if it is extremely embarrassing for you: Visit a doctor as soon as possible and have a detailed medical examination! It is important that any infection be spotted and treated as early as possible.

We are obliged to confidentiality.

    • Symptoms for a sexually transmitted infection »

      • Unusual vaginal discharge: more than usual, yellowish, greenish or brownish, or badly smelling
      • Burning or itching in the genital area or during urination
      • Pains in the genital area or abdomen, for example during sexual intercourse

      • Purulent discharge from the urethra
      • Burning sensation during urination

      Men and Women
      • Skin changes as redness, blisters, sores, or warts in the genital area

    • How should I behave and what am I supposed to do? »

      If you are worried that you may have got a sexually transmitted disease, because you have noticed typical symptoms or simply because you did not use sufficient protection during intercourse, have an examination as soon as possible. Women should visit a gynecologist. Men should make an appointment at an urologist or dermatologist. The Hamburg Centre for Aids and Sexually Transmitted Diseases CASAblanca, offers testing free of charge for men and women. In other big cities, public health authorities often offer similar services.

      Abstain from sex until you have received your test results or completed medical treatment, or make sure to use sufficient protection. In case you have such an infection, usually your partner needs to be examined and treated as well. With some infections, this may also relate to past partners. If you should have further questions, we gladly offer you our support.


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